Waste to Energy Plant

Endeavour’s long-term commitment in the Asia Pacific region is strategically focused towards the development and operation of sustainable green Energy projects, in particular Waste to Energy (WTE) Plants, Refuse Derived Fuel Plants (RDF), and associated industries processing solid and liquid waste.

Endeavour is developing a 10MW Industrial WTE Plant in Katunayake Export Processing Zone. The Plant will process approximately 300tpd of industrial waste and generate 10MW of power for export to the grid. The industrial waste will be sorted and processed at the front to form a feedstock for the fluidised gasification process, where heat will be produced, for steam and power generation. The journey of waste into energy is illustrates below.



Endeavour has partnered with reputable European Technologies which meets the toughest of European environmental and safety standards, and include:


  1. Waste Processing, Shredding and Sorting Technology


2.  Fluidised bed gasification Technology


3.  Power Generation Technology