Board of Directors

Our Management leadership team has been selected for the particular expertise demanded in delivery of this significant and landmark project for UDA in Sri Lanka. EEC’s leadership management team have been formed in order to identify, address and action upon and resolve all project-specific issues and solutions.


Endeavour Energy Corporation’s vision in the Asia Pacific region is to leave a lasting “Green Legacy for the Future Generations”. Here in Sri Lanka, that vision is underpinned by Endeavour’s long term commitment to invest in and develop sustainable industries that will have positive impact on the environment. We also aim to contribute towards the uplifting of social and economic standing wherever we operate.

Our operational objectives here are initially focused towards implementation of sustainable solutions in addressing the industrial waste challenges faced in the Western Region of Sri Lanka including replacement of chemical fertilisers with biological fertilisers. Our investments in Waste To Energy Plants, Biological Fertilisers and associated industries are such solutions and have the full support of the Board of Endeavour.

Through working collaboratively with the respective agencies and departments of the government and NGO’s of Sri Lanka, we are confident that our vision will come true. The Board and I are privileged and proud to be a part of this important journey in Sri Lanka and we welcome your participation where opportunities prevail.

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Endeavour Energy Corporation is a green energy corporation focused on the development of green energy solutions in the Asia Pacific region. It’s parent entity, Rekmal Holdings Pty Ltd, is a proudly wholly Australian owned international company with proven experience in the energy field.

Endeavour’s ability to diversify remains it‘s key strength with expansion of its global business footprint across countries, business sectors and industries.
The Asia Pacific region and beyond has faced some of its toughest social, environmental and economic challenges ever seen in recent decades. We at Endeavour have diligently transformed and positioned ourselves onto a sustainable business while maintaining all of our core values of integrity, creating societal values, the sharing of success, culture and respect where we operate, excellence in our business conduct and delivery, safety and health in our practices.
In Sri Lanka, Endeavour will develop Green Energy solutions a “Build, Own and Operate” model of delivery in Waste To Energy Plants and the development of biological Fertiliser Facilities and associated business.
Endeavour’s long term commitment is enabled and supported by core practices and processes that are underscored on all of Endeavour’s policies in delivery of its businesses that include:

  • Code of Conduct Policy
  • Employees Relations Policy
  • Environmental Policy
  • Equal Opportunity Policy
  • Quality Assurance Policy
  • Work Health and Safety Policy

At Endeavour, we are all proud of our vision, which, for Sri Lanka, is “To Leave a Green Legacy For Future Generations”.



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Operational in Sri Lanka ready to implement WTE and related Projects