Welcome to Endeavour Energy Corporation

Endeavour Energy Corporation Limited (Endeavour) is a Sri Lankan International company through its association with Rekmal Holdings Pty Ltd (Rekmal). Rekmal is an Australian Engineering, construction and maintenance company that services the Oil and Gas, Mining, Petrochemical, Power, Desalination and Water Treatment industries.

Endeavour’s long-term commitment in the Asia Pacific region is strategically focused towards the development and operation of Green Energy projects, in particular Waste to Energy (WTE) Plants, Refuse Derive Fuel Plants and associated industries processing solid and liquid waste. Endeavour’s complimentary core focus is also into bio fertiliser production facilities.

In Sri Lanka, Endeavour is developing a 10MW industrial WTE Plant in one of the Export Processing Zones to provide a long term sustainable solution in the challenges around the ongoing issues associated with disposal of industrial waste stream

Strategically, Endeaour is also conducting a feasibility into the establishment of a major bio- fertiliser plant in the Western Region of Sri Lanka targeting the sustainable and positive alternative to the use of chemical fertilisers.

Expanding our core values in our international engineering and construction business, we continue to demonstrate our commitment in delivering successful business on strategic platforms that meets the corporation values in environment, quality, safety, costs and schedule.